Cosmoprofi is one of the biggest manufacturers of UV/LED gels for nail building and design in Russia. We do our best to provide everything you need for a high-quality nail service. Our goal is a happy and healthy client. Year after year we keep developing our products and expanding our presence on the world market. We improve the quality of our products and services to please our customers.

Health and beauty are the basic company principles that have become our work standards and guarantee of the highest quality of Cosmoprofi gels.

Nowadays the market is flooded with tons various brands that produce nail building materials. It’s difficult to find the only company and the one product that satisfies everyone. Cosmoprofi Team sees things differently.

Our specialization is gel. We know everything about it! And we try hard to make it perfect.

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to change the viscosity of the bases, their pigmentation, polymerization properties and other characteristics of the starting materials to obtain that very Cosmoprofi gel.

Based on opinions, reviews and current trends, we plan daily improvements and new products. This is how our own line of Cosmoprofi gels has developed. We know a lot about our customers. Being reliable is the most important for us. More than a half of our first-time customers come back to us. We see it as a signal of our success and your trust.

Chief Director of Cosmoprofi JSC

Andrey Zina

Cosmoprofi Products

The entire line of Cosmoprofi gels was carefully selected specifically for the Russian market with its high consumer request for the quality in mind. Our products are safe and highly effective in use, that is certified by Russian and International authorities.  We are especially thorough in compliance with the storage requirements of our cosmetic products that is temperature, humidity, and UV-proof packaging.

We are constantly working on the creation of new products to meet the growing needs of nail specialists.

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